27th Annual
Mennonite Sale & Auction for World Relief
Saturday, November 12, 2016 in Houston, TX

Blessing Bids
Blessing Bids is a time during the auction where you can donate directly to Mennonite Central Committee projects by raising your bidder card. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Syria and Surrounding Countries
Mennonite Central Committee continues to provide relief aid to those affected by the conflict in Syria. This includes aid to displaced people within Syria, provided through partner relationships with Syrian churches, and to those who have fled to neighboring countries including Jordan and Lebanon. MCC has committed to provide more than $8 million in aid. The aid has included food, clothing, shoes, assistance with rent, blankets, relief supplies, and hygiene kits. In addition, trauma healing workshops and conflict resolution training sessions are held in an effort to help people who have been dealing with violence and war for several years. MCC continues to sponsor programs that focus on the needs of children. One of the most positive ways to help children is to ensure that they can attend school, which provides a sense of normalcy and channels their energy in constructive directions. Where a typical school experience is not possible, MCC sponsors after school programs, summer camps, and special events. Donations in support of MCC's work in and around Syria will be received during the auction

Global Family Program
Throughout the world, children and young people are ready to learn. But education remains out of reach for many because families can't pay school fees or buy supplies or uniforms, because children must work, or because schools don't have funds for teachers. MCC sponsors community-based education in more than 40 countries through the Global Family program. Community-based education happens when local communities determine educational needs within their context and create programs to address them. It is cost effective and allows schools the freedom to decide what is best for students and families in their area. In some communities this may mean lunch programs that help children focus on school instead of hunger. In others it may mean providing school supplies to equip children for success. For others still, it may mean walking alongside teachers, providing them with adequate training for effective classroom teaching. Community-based education fosters effective learning! Global Family Program supports the development of communities through:
  • PROMOTING girls education
  • INCREASING access to education in rural areas
  • INVESTING in teacher training and resourcing
  • SUPPORTING vocational training for young adults
  • PROVIDING safe, healthy and caring environments.
When children learn, communities benefit and lives change. Donations in support of the Global Family Program will be received during today's auction.